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  • VIRKON S 500 G


    VIRKON S is a water-soluble powder recommended as a universal disinfectant. The product is packed in an envelope containing 500g of powder. Due to its broad spectrum and strong disinfectant action, it is recommended to use it in shelters.

    After regular cleaning, the number of disease-causing organisms may remain high enough to pose a threat to pigeons, so it is recommended to disinfect with VIRKON S.

  • GINO CLICQUE NR.816 -...


    Gino Clicque has been an established name within the pigeon world for years. It was for us a real pleasure to be able to develop his own sport mixture with this world-famous champion. For this we went in search of the best ingredients. This mixture forms the balance between proteins / fats / amino acids, gives energy and is perfectly digestible for the pigeons.

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