-        Picking of feathers

-        Dirty noses

-        Scratching head

-        Blue flesh

-        Red throat

-        Swollen heads

-        Yawning

-        One eye cold

-        Rattling

-        Wet eyes

-        Inflamed third eyelid (expecially in young pigeons)

-        Snot

Once both mature and young birds have started their training and competition program, it is possible to develop an ornithosis problem, showing symptoms of swollen feathers around the ears, dry plumage, bruised flesh and damaged feathers moulting. 60% of young birds will develop ornithosis problems, resulting in an increase of losses. Pigeons will arrive home very tired after the races, when they show these symptoms the pigeons should be treated directly with a combination of prescribed treatments and should be kept at home in more severe cases for at least a week to avoid even greater losses.


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