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  • Video Interview with Alfred Berger, general manager Röhnfried
    Published : 03/02/2021 | Categories : Articles

    Reducing infections in a natural way and supporting the pigeon's own defense system is the solution promoted by Rohnfried. With great passion, Alfred describes in detail how the products are used and act on pigeons. Through the experience and knowledge gained, in association with new discoveries in the field, their products help maintaining the pigeons in excellent condition.

  • Interview with Sara & Pedro Simao, Portugal
    Published : 02/22/2021 | Categories : Articles

    Official partners of Cest Pharma Portugal, the two compete together very well in the pigeon championship in their country. With "Cest Pharma Days" event, we offer you a short interview with them, where they will sharewith us the things they do in the loft at this time of year, as well as how to prepare the pigeons for competitions.

  • Zeolite in the pigeons loft
    Published : 02/12/2021 | Categories : Articles

    A natural mineral, created from the contact between hot volcanic lava and seawater. Zeolite has an extraordinary value due to the numerous properties imprinted mainly by the absorption capacity of the microparticles, which means the power to clean the environment in which it is used. Its formula contains four important ingredients for health: calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Depending on the granulation, in the pigeon loft it can be used as a supplement, administered to be [...]

  • Roșu Alin, impressed by the Biotics + Detox Plus + Moor Active mixture
    Published : 02/04/2021 | Categories : Articles

    He found his passion for pigeons since childhood. In 2010 he first joined a racing pigeons club, and since then he has not missed a single season. He is an active member of the Voiajorul Arad Association (Ineu club). A skilled and consistent fancier, finding him every year in the county, provincial and national top rankings. Prefers the Long distance, Marathon and National Ace categories. However, he prepares the pigeons to participate in absolutely every race of the flight plan. Alin [...]

  • Mădălin Tănase has chosen CEST Pharma for the 2020 season
    Published : 10/01/2020 | Categories : Articles

    A very experienced pigeon fancier, Mădălin Tănase from Prahova is still a new member of the National Federation of Pigeon Breeders in Romania. More than bored by the lack of professionalism in the pigeon fancier group in which he competed so far, the pigeon fancier Mădălin Tănase stepped right as a member of the National Federation, winning in the debut season several important trophies at county level. A career athlete, Mădălin Tănase, from Floresti, Prahova County, competes with his pige [...]

  • Olimpiu Iliea, top results with CEST Pharma products!
    Published : 09/17/2020 | Categories : Articles

    The 2020 season brought Olimpiu Ilea other important results. At the end of the competitional season, the pigeon fancier from Alba will be able to take the 2nd place in Fond Young county, 1st place in As Maraton Young county, 1st place in Marathon Young county, 1st place in Marathon Grand Prix Young and 1st place in Berlin National county. Olimpiu Iliea: “At the National exhibition in Brașov I bought, together with a friend, several CEST Pharma products” One of the “secrets” of such a pro [...]

    Published : 07/07/2020 | Categories : Articles

    1. When did you start raising pigeons and where did this passion come from? - I have had pigeons since I was a child, approximately from the age of 12 taking this passion from friends. In 2008 I had the opportunity to meet Bizbac Mihai, a farmer well known in our country, who also "infected me with this microbe". In 2011 I became a member with proper documents of the Pigeon Association Suceava, Club Burdujeni.  2. How many pigeons do you have?  - We started the season with 60 f [...]

    Published : 06/15/2020 | Categories : Articles

    "I am very satisfied with Columbovet products, they are produced of exceptional quality"!

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